Funny Cat on Laptop Sculpture |

Funny Cat on Laptop Sculpture | "Supervised Computer Time" Limited Edition

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I was inspired to sculpt this funny statue by my own kitty, who regular checks on me when I'm on my laptop. So this sculpture is for all the cat lovers who know just what I mean!

"Are you looking at other cats on the Internet?" the cat wonders in this cast-stone sculpture. He peeks over his person's laptop to check, just in case. He's supervising! This small sculpture makes a funny birthday or holiday gift for cat lovers.

  • This signed, numbered sculpture is part of a limited edition of 100
  • Delivered to you in a gift box with gift tag and numbered title card. You may wish to remove the bubble wrap from the sculpture inside the box before gifting.
  • Size: 3.5" long x 2.25" wide x 4" high (8.9cm x 5.7cm x 10cm)

Original, handmade sculpture in cast stone, finished with a rich, black wax and protective varnish. Cast stone has a dense, cool surface and substantial weight, making this a satisfying sculpture to handle and examine closely, or admire from across the room.

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