Set of 2 Best Friends Miniature Sculptures

    Two tiny best friend sculptures for keeping, sharing, or both! Give your best friend two reminders of how special they are, or share one each with two friends. Or give one and keep one, to remind you both of your friendship and mutual support. Accompanied by title cards, so you can tell your friend you love them without words or even any sappy stuff.

    The first sculpture, "You're the Family I Choose," says that biology doesn't matter when it comes to our most important friendships. The second, "You Can Have the Last Piece of Pie," tells your best friend that yeah, you love them so much you'll even give them the last piece of delicious pastry. Now that's love.

    • Titles: "You're the Family I Choose" and "You Can Have the Last Piece of Pie" Open Editions
    • Delivered to you packaged separately in a black, organza gift bags with title cards 
    • Sizes: 3 inches long (sculpture 1) and 1.5 inches tall (sculpture 2)

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