Cast-Stone Display Bases

    Elevate your sculpture display! Add a sculpture base to increase your display options. Bases are hand cast (by me!) of the same material as your sculpture, so they have a marvelous weight and density. Each is finished in an understated matte black, so the base complements your sculpture without distracting from it.

    Four sizes are available. Not sure which you need? Check the product description for your sculpture, or just drop me a note!

    • Small round, suitable for most love tokens, plus "Entwined #2" and "Embraced #3"
    • Large round, for all of the "Conversation" series, "Embraced #2," and some love tokens
    • Small square, for "Serene" and some love tokens
    • Large square, for most of the Original Collection and for the "Embraced #1 & #4,"plus "Solitude #1"