Tiny Book Lover & Cat | "Furry Book Club"

    This design has been retired and is no longer available.

    What is it about reading books that cats enjoy so much? Certainly not the "reading" part, especially the way this kitty has her tail draped across the pages. A person lies with an open book resting behind the cat, who seems to think that "book club" means "pay attention to the cat."

    how it's made

    Each sculpture comes to you from my own hands, created over many weeks. I individually hand-cast my own sculpted originals in heavy, fine-grained Hydrostone to be as pleasing to the hand as to the eye. I apply the lavishly pigmented, solvent-based lacquer in multiple layers for depth and detail. My hand-painted finishes ensure that no two pieces will ever be the same, to be a treasure for you to imbue with your highest intentions, loves, and joys.