Tiny Best Friends | "You Can Have the Last Piece of Pie"

    Nothing says, "You're my best friend" like giving them the last piece of pie. We're talking about pie here! This little gift is for that person you'd do anything for, even give them that last piece of delicious pastry. Say "I love you" without words, just baked goods and a little artwork. Or just some artwork about baked goods!

    Two friends sit side-by-side, heads tilting slightly together. One friend has placed their hand on the other's arm, as if to say, "You're a good enough friend that, yeah, okay, you can have that last piece of pie." This sculpture design was named by collector Caroline M. (Thank you!).

    • Title: "You Can Have the Last Piece of Pie" Open Edition
    • Delivered to you in an organza gift bag with title card
    • Size: 1.75" tall (4.4cm)
    • Also shown with optional Small Round Display Base

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