Take Comfort a While

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    A breath of peace, a pause of healing that nourishes the spirit. Who is the giver:  the one who offers love, or the one who offers a space for love?

    A brand new design, offered now for the first time. Inspired by both the heroic souls who heal us literally in hospitals and clinics, and by those who heal us indirectly through their everyday nobility of spirit; this sculpture lauds the healer and the healed. Giving and receiving are one, in truth.

    Pigment notes: Cerulean blue rinsed in sapphire and glossed with palest sage, with suggestions of saffron. Glimmering indigo base.

    Display as one piece, with the non-removable base integrated into the sculpture

    4 inches tall

    how it's made

    Each sculpture comes to you from my own hands, created over many weeks. I individually hand-cast my own sculpted originals in heavy, fine-grained Hydrostone to be as pleasing to the hand as to the eye. I apply the lavishly pigmented, solvent-based lacquer in multiple layers for depth and detail. My hand-painted finishes ensure that no two pieces will ever be the same, to be a treasure for you to imbue with your highest intentions, loves, and joys.