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    Balanced, unwavering, flush with the delight of being.Coursing with abundance and the exultation of harmonious growth.

    A brand new design, debuting for you now.

    Pigment notes: Stem green shot through with scarlet and overlaid with a copper wash. Deepest cobalt on the base with hints of iridescence.

    Display as one piece, with the non-removable base integrated into the sculpture

    4.25 inches tall

    how it's made

    Each sculpture comes to you from my own hands, created over many weeks. I individually hand-cast my own sculpted originals in heavy, fine-grained Hydrostone to be as pleasing to the hand as to the eye. I apply the lavishly pigmented, solvent-based lacquer in multiple layers for depth and detail. My hand-painted finishes ensure that no two pieces will ever be the same, to be a treasure for you to imbue with your highest intentions, loves, and joys.