You may know me as Melissa, an English major turned business strategist, who suddenly rediscovered that she once-upon-a-time loved hand-sculpting artwork and giving it to people. And then watching those people beam that uncontained smile that says, “Thank you” like a hug full of puppies.

I sculpt to inspire that smile.

I sculpt relationships rather than people, capturing expressions of love that are worth celebrating and sharing. My artwork strives to capture the little gestures, like the tilt of a head or the circle of an embrace. I want my collectors to laugh in recognition, and exclaim, “That’s just like us!”

Artist Melissa Gondek in her sculpture studio with cat - Small Company Artworks
I'm happiest when my hands are working, and I fidget endlessly with clay between my fingers until inspiration strikes (without clay I just fidget, which I'm pretty sure drives my husband crazy). I also revel in touching materials to sense the texture and coolness. HydroStone's satin surface and dense weight satisfies that urge, and quiets my inner child, who complains that too much art comes with “Don’t Touch!” warnings.

Most days you’ll find me in my one-woman (and two-cat) Los Angeles studio, although sometimes the sunshine reminds me to leave the house. I’m proud (and pretty humbled) to say that my artwork now lives in more than thirteen countries across four continents. Antarctica continues to elude me, but that just gives me something to shoot for.

(Have you read my interview in the UncommonGoods blog? Find out more about my inspiration for my small, representational sculpture, my process, and what I look like covered in dust.)

Sculpture artist Melissa Gondek creating handmade artwork

As an artist, I believe...

that art is a gift 

for ourselves, our friends, our families, and those who need a little more beauty in their lives

that gifts have power

to make us laugh, cry, chortle, giggle, sigh, or squeal with delight,

and to offer support, recall happiness, and multiply joy

and that the gifts from my hands can serve no greater purpose

than spreading love

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Art studio cats asleep - Small Company Artworks

Studio cats Misty and Grendel, supervising as only cats can

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