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Set of 2 Romantic Miniature Sculptures

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Two romantic love tokens for double the love. So many ways to give these tiny sculptures to your favorite person:

  • Give one now and save the other for a little surprise gift later
  • Gift one for a birthday and one for an anniversary
  • Send one and keep one, especially for a long-distance love
  • Share both now, for twice the smiles all at once
 Now you just have to decide which to give first!
  • Titles: "Always Yours" and "Just Because I Love You" Open Editions
  • Entirely handmade by the artist in Los Angeles, California
  • Delivered to you packaged separately in a black, organza gift bags with gift tags and title cards 
  • Sizes: Each 1.5 inches tall
Original, handmade sculptures in cast stone, finished with a rich, black wax and protective varnish. Cast stone has a dense, cool surface and substantial weight, making this a satisfying sculpture to handle and examine closely, or admire from across the room.

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