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Set of 2 Best Friends Miniature Sculptures

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Two tiny best friend sculptures for keeping or sharing. Give your best friend two little reminders of how special they are, or share one with your two best friends. Or give one and keep one, to remind your both of your friendship and mutual support.

  • Titles: "You're the Family I Choose" and "You Can Have the Last Piece of Pie" Open Editions
  • Entirely handmade by the artist in Los Angeles, California
  • Delivered to you packaged separately in a black, organza gift bags with gift tags and title cards 
  • Sizes: 3 inches long (sculpture 1) and 1.5 inches tall (sculpture 2)
Original, handmade sculptures in cast stone, finished with a rich, black wax and protective varnish. Cast stone has a dense, cool surface and substantial weight, making this a satisfying sculpture to handle and examine closely, or admire from across the room.

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