Tiny Book Lover & Dog | Furry Book Club - Tiny sculpture gift

Tiny Book Lover & Dog | "Furry Book Club"

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Reads with dogs? You bet! Here's a book club full of wet noses and dog breath (and plenty of warm love). A person lies reading with an open book resting on the stomach. The happy dog has settled in beside his human, head resting on the human's chest. A good book was just made even better.

  • Title: "Furry Book Club" Open Edition
  • Entirely handmade by the artist (that's me!) in Los Angeles, California
  • Delivered to you in a black, organza gift bag with title card
  • Size: 2.75" long (7cm)

Hand cast from my sculpted original, with a dense, cool surface that's equally satisfying to hold or admire from across the room. This tiny sculpture can be displayed on desks, bookshelves, nightstands, or anywhere a touch of art would bring a smile. Its small size also makes it a wonderful travel companion!