Small Talk

    Personality, versatility, touchability... what's your reason? Sculpture allows us to express ourselves with small, portable objects that can be as quirky, fun, silly, serious, charming, meaningful, somber, dramatic, or personality-filled as we are.

    We're all familiar with hanging pictures, right? Wall, nail, picture. Or maybe shelf, easel, picture. But sculpture asks us to think differently and to consider other ways to approach displaying our art.
    My wife is in the middle of treatment for illness and there's nothing that means more to her than our little family. I found one of your sculptures on another website...
    I'm calling for a dash of small magic to dress up our modern ways and help gifts feel special. You don't have to go all-out for every occasion, or turn your gift-giving habits completely on their head. Try choosing one or two gifts you'll add magic to this year and see how you feel. Or just focus on the presents to your closest family, or just to the ones away from home. And take away a little big of that magic to keep for yourself, all year long.
    Hitting the 5-year mark with my sculpture business has me reflecting on how far I've come. I'm a little amazed how much my art has changed, and I've stumbled across lots of photos I'd forgotten about. One thing that struck me was how much my gift boxes have evolved since the early days.
    "I'd like to commission a custom sculpture celebrating my 9th wedding anniversary to the best wife in the world. 9th is supposed to be pottery, and I know that can include things outside of dishware, but I have this vision of me given her a terracotta pot and, well, that vision doesn't end well for me. I just need to somehow link your work to the traditional anniversary gifts!"
    I know a lot of dog lovers and my best friend is into yoga and also loves her dog a ton so I was looking for a gift that maybe incorporated them together...

    You know how you look at old school photos of yourself, and sometimes they make you cringe? This year I'm celebrating five years of creating little sculptures to send around the world, so I recently sat down to look through old photos of my work...

    I'm thrilled to (finally!) share with you a new abstract, minimaliist sculpture collection that has been a delight to create.

    Let's talk seriously about a topic we've neglected. A topic that slices to the heart of the holiday season. A topic, gentle readers, that has the power to impact all your holiday celebrations in myriad joyful ways.

    Let's talk cookies.

    hello. I saw some of your pieces at one of the shops in downtown [Los Angeles]. You do great work. are you open to making a custom sculpture? I'm interested in having a few copies of a piece of Sisyphus...