Celebrate What Matters Most

    Introducing "Transformation"

    6 One-of-a-Kind Sculptures

    to Celebrate Constancy in the Face of Change

    Everything has changed, and everything remains the same. We look on a world that feels transformed, with eyes that pick out alteration, upheaval, and churning disarray.

    Yet underneath the currents, our bedrock rests, unmoved. We rest in stillness and peace, celebrating our quiet certainty that what matters most remains unchangeable.

    These past few months, I've been creating one-of-a-kind sculpture to be reminders of your highest intentions. When you see them, they're gentle nudges that you mean to smile, be kind, and offer light to the world. You're reminded of your best self, and the possibilities for living gracefully, graciously, and with intention.

    I'm grateful to introduce the first of my new collections, these 6 sculptures, for a very limited time. They capture what keeps us centered and grounded, and I hope they speak to you of joy and the bonds that connect you to what matters most.

    Click the image to see more details and photos of each sculpture.


    Sculpture to celebrate what matters most

    Alone, Together

    This abstract hug sculpture honors the strength we find in pulling together, whether long-distance or side-by-side. One of my classic designs, this sculpture pretty much demanded that I include it in my new collection. The minimalist shape has always spoken to me of unity and comfort, and the past months have given it new meaning.

    I've re-imagined this piece in bold crimson, with swirls of violet, eddies of gold, and hints of sapphire. The lush curves invite you to cradle this piece in your palms as you reflect on what matters most.


    Thinking figure sculpture - stillness

    "The Meaning of Stillness"

    This year has given us all an opportunity to explore the inner force of being alone without loneliness. I suspect my inner hermit influenced my selection of this piece to be part of this collection, reminding me as it does of the core of silence at the center of the soul.

    I re-envisioned this classic design in lavish gold and titian bronze, with gentle azure highlights and a subtle, rouge blush. My favorite part of this sculpture turned out to the secret flush of saffron puddled at the center (not visible here, but you can see it in on the details page).


    Always here for you hug sculpture

    "Always Here for You"

    My initial plans for this collection didn't include any of my original, tiny love tokens like this one. I had struggled to express my ideas in their diminutive size and more literal shapes, failing to come up with a finished sculpture that sang for me. Then one day, this lacquered sculpture came together almost on its own. It turned out to be the perfect embodiment of the light and love that surround us.

    The colors remind me of the sky in April, swirled with the blue of larkspurs and a soft golden glow, like sunshine, touching the edges.


    Indivisible abstract figure sculpture


    A brand new design shown now for the first time, this abstract figure sculpture represents luxuriant growth. We grow together and along side one another, balanced and unwavering, with the sum greater than its parts.

    I created this piece in stem green with bursts of scarlet and overlaid with a copper wash. The attached, spherical base shines cobalt with hints of iridescence.




    When I realized I was creating a collection about celebrating what matters most to us, this piece begged to be part of the group. Another of my brand new designs, this sculpture reflects security and repose in one another's loving company. What happens in the outside world can't touch the deep peace within our most important bonds.

    Navy accented with cobalt expresses trust and protection, while the power and energy shine through as burgundy and whispers of tawny gold.



    "Take Comfort a While"

    The third of my new designs, this abstract sculpture speaks powerfully of healing, nurturing, and peace in giving. Inspired by both the heroic souls who heal us literally in hospitals and clinics, and by those who heal us indirectly through their everyday nobility of spirit, this sculpture lauds the healer and the healed. Giving and receiving are one, in truth.

    I finished this piece in calming blue rinsed in sapphire and glossed with palest sage. The careful observer will also find suggestions of saffron.


    Taken together, these 6 sculptures magnify the potency and stability we find in what matter most to us. Individually, they each take on special meaning for our own personal focus for serenity and calm. I hope they speak to you of what you love most in the world.