#HugsforCOVIDHeroes #HugsThatLast

    Free hugs (sculpture) for COVID heroes  - Complete! See the heroes here

    Extended! We've gotten such wonderful stories, we're extending the deadline for entries. Get your nomination in by midnight PDT on April 22, 2020!

    So many people are giving their all these days, I want to say "thank you" with what I do best: hug sculpture. Tell me about your COVID hero, and up to 8 heroes will receive a complimentary tiny hug sculpture to let them know how appreciated they are. I'll highlight the selected heroes on social media and tell their stories in coming weeks.

    Heroes come in lots of jobs, shapes, and sizes. The important thing is that you feel like they're a hero (and you tell me about it). 


    How do I nominate a hero?

    Go to this page and submit your hero's story before midnight PDT on April 20, 2020 April 22, 2020. That's it. I'll select up to 8 heroes and send them a tiny hug sculpture (value $39). I'll pay for shipping to the winners, too.

    The winning nominators will also receive their choice of a $10 gift card to my shop or a complimentary greeting card (value $6). Because I've heard you have a lot going on, and I appreciate your nomination.


    Do I need to make a purchase, sign up for something, or hit "like," "share," or "follow"?

    Nope. You have enough on your plate, why make it complicated? Just go to this page and tell me your hero's story. I'll share your hero's story on social media in coming weeks, so you may want to follow, anyway!


    Do I get to choose which tiny sculpture my hero gets?

    Yep. See all your options here. Make a note which one you'd prefer, and tell me your preference when you submit your nomination. I'll do my best to give your hero your first choice, but if necessary I'll contact you for a second preference.


    Can I invite my friends to nominate their heroes?

    Please do! Just share this page with them via the social share buttons at the bottom. Or visit my Facebook page or Instagram to share my announcements there. Tag @smallcompanyartworks, and be sure to use #HugsforCOVIDHeroes and #HugsThatLast so I can follow along.


    How will the winners be chosen?

    My 2 co-judges and I will select the winning heroes from all eligible entries. We'll choose heroes who demonstrate the kind of hero-ness that makes us cry with wonder, delight, and sheer gratitude that the world holds people like them.


    Who are the judges?

    There are 3 of us, from very different parts of the country.

    You know me, so I'll skip that intro. Or read my About Me page because it will make me feel good if someone reads it. And everyone who reads it, I will hug with my mind.

    You may find it helpful to know that my favorite kind of hug is a bear hug from my husband or my mom. Or from my cat, but she discourages this kind of behavior.

    The second judge is Emily Caswell, of The Favor Stylist, in Topsham, Maine. She knows all about making friends smile and celebrating your favorite people. Since she helps people make wonderful baby showers, bridal showers, and birthday parties, she knows a thing or two about special-ness.

    You may be amused to know that we met randomly on the Internet, and it turns out she went to high school with my husband. The world is a tiny place, full of brilliant coincidences.

    Emily's favorite kind of hugs are one-armed-and-a-cheek-peck or, alternately, bear hugs. It's good to have options.

    The third judge is Chrissy Mataya, expert hugger in Arlington, Virginia. Chrissy works remotely, behind-the-scenes when I need a reality check or inspiration. Chrissy is Small Company Artwork's Board of Advisor, in addition to whatever title the day requires, and she works for hugs (real-life, non-socially-distanced ones, so she's not getting paid these days).

    If there's an idea I've had that you especially liked, it probably came from Chrissy. It might have probably involved wine and/or fabulous shoes.

    Chrissy's favorite kind of hug is a tight squeeze hug. Also, I've known her for 22 years, and never knew her favorite hug until now.


    Is there anything else I should know?

    There's always important tiny print. One nominee per person, please. If you send more than one nomination, only your first nomination will be considered. Your entry gives me permission to share your hero's story on my website, email newsletter, and social media. If you'd rather I not share your hero's story, please email me before the nominations close at midnight PDT, April 20, 2020 April 22, 2020.

    If your nominee wins, I'll email you at the address you shared to get your hero's full name and address to send their sculpture. I'll also ask if you'd prefer a digital gift card to my shop valued at $10, or a free greeting card (value $6) while supplies last. Winning entries must respond within 72 hours, or the entry will be forfeited.

    Shipping to U.S. destinations is free to winning entries. If you'd like to nominate an international hero, you agree to pay shipping to the destination. No purchase necessary. Open to U.S. residents only, void where prohibited by law. Thank you for reading this important tiny print. And thank you for sharing your hero's story!


    psssst those social share buttons I mentioned are just below