Celebrating the new year with new sculpture

    News from Small Company Artworks sculpture studio

    My sculpture is starting out 2017 with a bang, with new designs now available exclusively on UncommonGoods. I can't tell you how excited I am to be part of their wonderful catalog (yes, the print catalog!).

    Just in time for your Mother's Day and Father's Day planning (wait, you're planning these things already, right?), choose a family of three or four in the brand-new, "So Happy Together" family sculpture. And that's not all!

    New family sculpture by Small Company Artworks on

    Hop over to the UncommonGoods blog today to read more about my process and inspiration, plus see some pictures of my much-ballyhooed (by me) "art studio annex." You hear me talk about our garage, and you can chuckle at why my poor Kinder Half doesn't get to park there anymore.

    Yoga pets, love sculpture, long-distance hugs, tiny love tokens... I've been busy in the studio. But now I have to head back out to the garage, because what's a Monday morning without dust masks and stylish goggles?

    The artist in her studio