Introducing My New Minimalist Sculpture Collection

I'm thrilled to (finally!) share with you a new sculpture collection that has been a delight to create over the past several months.

Sometime last year, I began playing with new, abstract shapes and ideas, exploring ways to bring fresh perspective to my art. I wanted to express much of the familiar whimsy and love of my Original Collection and Love Tokens, but with new, abstract sensibility and a modernist twist. I wanted something that felt novel, contemporary, expressive, and evocative. My "want" list was pretty long, but oh-so-worth-it.

Abstract thinking figure sculpture - Small Company Artworks

Gradually, I found a distinct, minimalist sculpture "voice" that still conveyed the joy, love, and laughter that inspire me, and also felt true and authentic to my artistic perspective. You can find the first nine sculptures of this Minimalist Collection in my shop, with more in development as the creative inspiration grabs me.

Minimalist cat lover figure sculpture - Small Company Artworks

Much like my Original sculpture, my Minimalist sculpture ships in lovely (and protective) gift boxes. Each bears my signature, and is delivered to you with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and care instructions. 

Minimalist dog lover figure sculpture - Small Company Artworks

Who is this new collection designed for? Much like my Original sculpture, I hope this new collection speaks to:

  • Art lovers looking for unique artwork that's easy to display anywhere
  • Gift givers who want to give something hard-to-find and special
  • Pet lovers who'd like a little reminder of their cat or dog throughout the day (other than fur and pet breath, I mean)
  • Couples celebrating their love (and maybe a milestone, like an anniversary)
  • Friends who share support, comfort, and strength, especially long-distance

Minimalist hugging friends figure sculpture - Small Company Artworks

I hope you love this new collection, and that it brings you many, many smiles.

Shop all of the new minimalist sculpture here. Which one is your favorite?