Excited to introduce my cast-stone sculpture!

Cast-stone sculpture gifts from Small Company Artworks When I began transitioning to cast-stone sculpture (from polymer clay), I didn't realize all the layers of work I was setting myself up for. But boy, do I love the results.

Here's what's changed (and what hasn't), as the holidays begin to rear their delightfully busy heads:

change #1: buy my work in more places

You're used to finding me on Etsy, and now you can also find my work in other shops.

  • If you're in Los Angeles, be sure to stop into FOLD Gallery downtown, located above The Last Bookstore on Spring Street. And tell Grace, the shop kitty, "Hi!" This wonderful shop has all kinds of fun vintage and art pieces, plus several of my latest sculptures and love tokens.
  • You'll also find a few of my sculptures exclusively on UncommonGoods. These sculptures are open editions, unlike an of my other work - and you can only find them there.

Find my artwork on UncommonGoods and at Fold Gallery in Los Angeles

change #2: no more (new) polymer sculpture

You know that most of my prior work was one-of-a-kind or made-to-order, sculpted by hand from polymer clay. And you may remember that I spent the first half of 2016 developing cast-stone sculpture techniques. So you're likely not surprised that I won't be releasing any new polymer sculpture.

For you, this means:

  • Open-edition sculpture rather than one-of-a-kind, so you can purchase more than one of a single design, or snag your favorite that you saw on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram, rather than hear, "Sorry! This one-of-a-kind item has sold!"
  • Regular releases of new sculpture as I develop new collections. I'm working on several romantic-couples-with-funny-pets right now, for example, and a few, more serious love/hug pieces that will come to the shop soon.
  • All finishes (for now) are a rich, black wax rather than a choice of acrylic paint colors. I've identified a few more colors that I'd like to add, but I'm working to get the finishes perfect before I release them. 

Wondering why I made the switch to cast stone? I love the heavy, cool texture of the stone, and think you will, too. The stone has a heavy, brilliantly dense feel in the hand that's cool when touched and warms with contact. The waxed finish captures the light softly, and the combination of light and feel make you want to enjoy the velvety texture of the stone.

Yeah, I love this stuff.

Small Company Artworks sculpture on Etsy

no-change #1: you can still find me on etsy

I'll continue to offer my sculpture directly to you through my Etsy shop, although some designs may be exclusive to other locations (like UncommonGoods). Each sculpture that you purchase through Etsy will come gift-boxed with a title card, and will be hand-packed by me on its way to you. If you'd like me to include a handwritten note to a gift recipient, I can do that, too.

no-change #2: everything is still made entirely by hand

"Handmade" is all I do, and I personally sculpt, mold, cast, sand, mount, finish, wax, buff, and varnish every. single. piece. I spend 6-8 hours a day in the garage (I mean, "art studio annex") to create my collections, and I plague myself about details. I believe that open edition artwork should have all the care, love, and beauty of one-of-a-kind work, and there are no compromises.

I suspect I have a control-freak problem, but I'm not convinced it's a, uh, problem.

Handmade art created in Los Angeles

no-change #3: I still love custom orders

I realize how important a custom gift can be, and I love working with you to create your perfect sculpture (just shoot me an email to start the process!). The time-frame (4-6 weeks) will be the same, and you'll still receive photos of your draft sculpture throughout the process. And it will still ship in a decorative gift box, along with a title card (with a title you choose, of course).

The cast-stone process gives us another option, too.

  1. You can choose a one-of-a-kind sculpture, where the mold will be destroyed when your sculpture ships, for a truly unique gift. This option is especially good for highly personal sculpture or for very special messages.
  2. Or you can be the first to receive an open edition sculpture instead. Making the design an open-edition allows me to create a custom sculpture based on your vision, but at about half to one-third of the price of a one-of-a-kind piece. Availability of this option may vary, based on your desired sculpture. (That 25-person family sculpture I created last year wouldn't make an effective open-edition piece, for example.) But if you have in mind a kissing couple, cake topper, yoga pet, or hug sculpture, this may be the perfect option for you.

Thank you for reading and following my journey. You make my "work" a joy. Would you like to know what makes cast-stone sculpture so special? I got you covered.

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