In the Making: Dog-Assisted Child's Pose

    This sculpture is design is now retired, but below, you can see how I work with my collectors to create designs to match their vision.

    I know a lot of dog lovers and my best friend is into yoga and also loves her dog a ton so I was looking for a gift that maybe incorporated them together, but wasn’t cheesy or anything. I liked the [cat] statue a lot. Is there anyway you could make one of these with a dog instead of a cat? Thanks! -JB

    Since this sculpture was one I'd love to add to my collections, I asked JB if I could make this a limited edition, or if she preferred her sculpture to be one-of-a-kind. She was happy to see my sculpture offered as a limited edition, once she received the first casting. So off I went to sculpt!

    JB really liked the Cat-Assisted Child's Pose sculpture, so I began there. All she wanted me to change was to create a little dog instead of a kitty. So I was able to start with my existing sculpture as the jumping-off point, no sketches needed.Funny yoga cat figure sculpture - Small Company Artworks

    My starting point for the new sculpture gave me a head start.
    (Cat-Assisted Child's Pose yoga sculpture, sold out, discontinued)


    Any dog would work but if it is custom maybe a dog shaped more like beagle to some extent. I do understand if you don't want to make it too much detail into matching the breed. I personally have labradors, so I know how dog people can be, lol. I wouldn't want one that looked like a particular breed unless it was a Labrador. That said a medium sized dog would appeal to the most anyway, not sure if it is possible to give the dog sort of droopy ears without every dog that is to come have droopy ears.

    I was able to create the human fairly quickly, so the dog was my primary focus. Dogs come in so many breeds, shapes, sizes, furriness, ear-length... It's a challenge to create an "every dog"! Happily, a medium-sized, Beagle-type dog is pretty adorable, and could be a medium "every dog."

     Draft yoga dog figure sculpture - Small Company Artworks

    The first draft came together more quickly than they often do, largely because we had such a firm starting point. But the dog was a little tricky to get just right.

     JB loved the first draft, but asked if the ears could be a little droopier. After taking a fresh look at the draft, I had to agree - not only would it make the little dog more beagle-like, it gave his face better balance, visually. I also ended up taking a little off the back end of the dog, since he seemed too heavy there for his size. (If only losing weight were this easy in real life.)

    Draft yoga dog figure sculpture - Small Company Artworks 4

    The ears got a little longer, and the dog's back end got a little smaller. The magic of sculpting!


    We also agreed that the clean lines of the plain sculpture base were more appealing than the base on the cat yoga sculpture, and the yoga mat wasn't necessary, either. The result was a much more zen-like design, with a heavier base.

    A little tweak to his head position, an improvement to the human's arms and feet, and there is was: our final pose for JB's custom Dog-Assisted Child's Pose!

    Funny yoga dog figure sculpture - Small Company Artworks 4

      Funny yoga dog figure sculpture - Small Company Artworks

    Funny yoga dog figure sculpture - Small Company Artworks

    So thanks to JB's wonderfully-timed request, this sculpture is now available in my shop. Because of the complexity of the design, I'm unlikely to be able to make more than 30 of this sculpture before I have to retire the mold. So this edition will be limited to just 30 total, rather than the 100-editions that I usually aim for.

    This design has been retired! Contact me to create your own custom sculpture.