Hooray for Heroes!

    Thank you to everyone who told the story of their COVID hero 

    I'm so grateful you participated in my #HugsforCOVIDHeroes give-away. Emily, Chrissy, and I were touched by the wonderful stories of people going above and beyond to help others. Your heroes inspire us to give more, love more, and look for more ways to bring light and joy to the world. To you and your heroes,

    Thank you for inspiring us all. The world is more beautiful because you're in it.

    Meet our heroes below, and let them bring a smile of joy to your day, just because they exist and do what they do. I'll let the nominators tell the stories in their own words (with a few edits for clarity or formatting).


    In this together friendship hug sculpture

    Christopher D.

    My hero is Dr. Christopher Darus and his team members, Hans Bowder and Kelly Holland. I would love to be able to give a sculpture to Dr. Darus; Hans Bowder, NP;  and Kelly Holland, RN; of Maine Medical Partners - Women's Health - Division of Gynecologic Oncology in Scarborough. They took the best-possible care of me in 2013 while I was undergoing treatment for advanced endometrial cancer.

    But more importantly, in the midst of the pandemic, they must quell the fears -- the numerous and potentially overwhelming fears -- of their cancer patients, while creating and executing their patients' treatment plans. It would be hell to be a surgical or chemo patient at this time, and it is just as demanding to be the health care provider of a cancer patient going through treatment. I would love for them to have a beautiful statue, "In This Together," in their office to remind them of the love and gratitude of their past and present patients, including me.

    - Elizabeth S.


    You Are Loved comfort sculpture

    Jenna A.

    Jenna is a local chef [at Amore Trattoria Italiana], who not only has been running her amazing sit down restaurant as a dinner pickup location, she has been delivering meals to so many different medical facilities in the area so the staff can eat. She also has been selling her amazing meals as fundraisers for different organizations in the area.

    She's simply amazing! I'd like her to receive the "You Are Loved" hug sculpture.

    - Lisa S.


    Here for You hug sculpture gift

    Chelsea L.

    Chelsea is my daughter and my hero!!  I am so very proud of the young woman she has grown into. I am so very proud of her. She is an RN and working in a hospital setting during this crazy time.

    When she goes to work she is so scared everyday not for just herself, but her patients and the unborn baby she is carrying. Yes, my first grand baby. This is such a hard time, it should be a happy time going through all the firsts of being pregnant and the anticipation of bringing that baby home.

    I pray hard for her everyday that she will be okay to continue caring for her patients and that her baby will be unaffected from this virus. Hugs and much love to my daughter and unborn "1st" grand baby!! I'd love for her to receive the "Here for You" hug sculpture.

    - Renee D.


    In This Together friendship sculpture gift

    Tammy F.

    Tammy is a registered nurse fighting for our lives against the Covid19 virus. Her journey has not been easy. She has fought hard getting through school and work and taking care of children. She treats each patient and their families as if they are her family member. She believes that to be her best motto.

    This pandemic has taken a toll on her. She leaves her family for 2 weeks at a time. Her day begins at work by getting her temperature taken and asked a few questions of whether she feels good or not. If anything is out of the normal she is quarantined for 14 days. She comes home immediately washing her uniforms at the end of her 2 weeks. 

    She doesn't go anywhere because she stays isolated in the house. She says she doesn't want to possibly give anyone anything. She says there is a difference in the way she is treated. People treat her as if she has the plague if she is in public.

    The most important thing she says that she does right now is educate the patients and families and re assure them that they are not alone and never will be! This fight will be won but it will take everyone .... together!! She truly believes in bringing others together and that is why I chose "In This Together" sculpture of yours because she would cherish it always. 

    - James F.


    You Are Loved friendship gift sculpture

    Lela B.

    There's one more hero I'd like to recognize. Lela Barker of Lucky Break Consulting is an unflagging champion of small businesses worldwide, and no more so than now. With the pandemic hitting small businesses with sometimes devastating results, she immediately took action with advice, guidance, and information on how to weather the storm.

    The Lucky Break COVID-19 Resource Center is one of her many gifts to the small business community. The Resource Center includes exhaustive lists of grants and financial relief, guidance on managing cash flow, and strategies to pivot or adapt, plus far more. This project has become a go-to source for all things COVID-survival for small businesses, and it's all absolutely free to access.

    I'll be sending Lela the "You Are Loved" hug sculpture to recognize her generosity, wisdom, and help to all of us in the small business community.