Big changes are coming

    New release in October - 48 hours only

    I'll be releasing a new collection of 6 sculptures in October, each with its own hand-painted finish that can never be duplicated. Some designs are new and never-before seen, while others are classics I've re-imagined in vivid, brilliant color.

    Yes, there are only 6 sculptures, total. Not 6 designs, just 6 sculptures. Each is meticulously hand-finished to be truly special, one-of-a-kind artwork. And each ships to you lovingly gift-boxed with a signed certificate of authenticity.

    These 6 sculptures will available for just 48 hours (or until they're sold out, whichever comes first). When each is sold, it's gone forever and can never be recreated. 

    These 6 sculptures are the only sculptures that will be available in this release. No other work with be available in my studio shop this month. 

    Read on for more details...

    New one-of-a-kind contemporary figure sculpture coming soon

    Why just 6 sculptures?

    Expressive, splendid, inspiring...

    I want to release only my most meaningful work, because I want it to thrill you. Every time you look at my sculpture, or touch it, or carry it from room to room, you’re reminding yourself of the bonds that bring you joy. You’re centered. You’re connected. You remember your intentions for giving love and beauty to the world.

    Each piece takes several weeks to perfect. I work until I'm certain it gives me a thrill of delight that tells me it can carry your most beautiful intentions. So I'm limiting each new release to just the handful of sculptures that I believe will give you that meaning.

    Why only 48 hours?

    I'm shifting my focus to be more experimental and expressive, to create with greater intention and feeling. I want you to hold my sculpture and feel the kind of connection to the art and the artist that you can only get from one-of-a-kind, passionate work.

    And to do that, I need to spend more time creating, and less time on the host of other small business activities that have claimed my days. Occasional, 48-hour releases are my solution.

    New one-of-a-kind contemporary figure sculpture coming soon

    Are all of your previous designs going away forever?

    Yes, they've already gone. I'm re-imaging a select few of the sculptures in bold, sumptuous color, but they won't be available again in the satin black finish that you're used to. Those that I do re-imagine will have one-of-a-kind finishes, and will vary with each release.

    How can I hear about the new collection?

    Right now, you can request an invitation to join my private Inner Circle by signing up here. Inner Circle members will:

    1. Receive exclusive announcements so you can mark your calendar for release events
    2. Shop privately for 2 hours before new sculpture is available to the public
    3. Glimpse new collections as they come together
    4. Receive occasional updates and news
    5. Help select additional member benefits for future releases
    6. Build our community of beautiful souls, spreading joy in the world

    New one-of-a-kind contemporary figure sculpture coming soon

    What should I expect next?

    From now on, my sculpture will be released just a few times a year. After this first 48-hour release in October, you won't see much of me for a while. I'll be in my studio, immersed in new experiments and new ideas. Then I'll release the best of that work in a new collection for you.

    When the new collection is ready, I'll alert my Inner Circle via email, then release it for just 48 hours. This will happen a few times each year, whenever I have a collection I'm delighted with, and only then.

    How can I be sure I'll find out about the new releases?

    Join my private Inner Circle by requesting your invitation here.

    If you choose not to request an invitation, you can watch my social media and website to see when the new sculptures become available. I'll announce each release after the private access expires (and after Inner Circle members have a chance to shop privately for 2 hours).

    Keep in mind that these one-of-a-kind sculptures may no longer be available by the time you hear about them on social media. And there are only 6 sculptures (total) in this first release. Once they're each sold, they're gone forever and can not be recreated.

    Request your invitation now, and get ready for my new work!