21 ways to celebrate fall

Recipes and fun ideas for fall from Small Company Artworks

Southern California has many compensations, but "autumn" here exists as a state of mind rather than a season. Unless, of course, your idea of "autumn" involves 100-degree weather, occasional flash flooding, and green everything.

Unlike the Los Angeles natives I see, I'm not one for wearing cashmere and knee-high boots regardless of weather. (Seriously, I saw a guy in a down puffer jacket the other day. It was 80 degrees outside.) So here are 21 ways to do, eat, and drink your way into the autumn spirit, no cashmere required.

  1. Dig into Feast and West's cocktail archives and try a Clementine Hot Toddy
  2. Roast pumpkin seeds
  3. Camp in the backyard. (Yes, I'm a grown-up, and no, I do not have children. This is an awesome date, though.)
  4. Host an autumn dessert party, before everyone gets OD'd on sweets for the holidays
  5. Read Edgar Allen Poe (out loud even)
  6. Borrow someone's children and make these adorable Halloween Monster Cookies from Gathering Beauty
  7. Learn to make Fave dei Morti in time for All Soul's Day
  8. Watch the Charlie Brown Halloween special
  9. Decorate with these cute pumpkin votive holders
  10. Enjoy spiced hot chocolate for dessert
  11. Curl up on the couch with some pumpkin ale and a hockey game or three
  12. Bake pumpkin bread, repeatedly
  13. Take some inspiration from the bridal crowd and make one of these pretty (easy) fall centerpieces
  14. Make slow-cooker dinners, like Spicy Chicken Stew and Tuscan Chicken Stew
  15. While the slow-cooker is out, make slow cooker brownie cake. Sure it's not autumn-y, but uh, chocolate
  16. Go for a hike and pack some apples and cheddar for snacks
  17. Host an Oktoberfest beer tasting party (with prizes for the best and worst guest contributions)
  18. Carry a camera around to catch amusing-ish candid pictures for Christmas cards
  19. Try Apartment Therapy's 5 Simmer Pot Recipes to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall
  20. Open up the house and burn some sage to clear the air
  21. Give apples a rest and try all 7 of these Delicious Things to Do With Pears

Ideas for fall fun

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