Small Talk

    Introducing the "Transformation" collection, 6 One-of-a-Kind Sculptures to Celebrate Constancy in the Face of Change. We look on a world that feels transformed, with eyes that pick out alteration and churning disarray. Yet we rest in stillness and peace, in quiet certainty that what matters most remains unchangeable.

    New release in October - 48 hours only

    I'll be releasing a new collection of 6 sculptures in October, each with its own hand-painted finish that can never be duplicated. Some designs are new and never-before seen, while others are classics I've re-imagined in vivid, brilliant color.

    Having a more peaceful day doesn't mean we're able to avoid all the hum and buzz of the world. Nor does it mean we have to be silent or utterly still. That's where having small, peace-bringing routines or small rituals near at hand can help us. Even if our heads keep producing noise, we can practice focusing on the moment and create habits to mindfully pause and breathe.

    Not my usual blog post.

    I created this short story (allegory?) while grieving. Writing it and sketching the images helped my feelings sort themselves rather than my letting them overwhelm me. I share it now in hopes of giving a little light to someone else who's huddled at the bottom at the well. You're not alone.

    Please share with someone else who may need some comfort, if you like.

    I've been thinking of ways to send little gifts to make up for huglessness. Small ways to say, "I'm thinking of you," or "I love you," or "Hang in there." Think of these ideas as "hugs in a box" or "hugs you unwrap." But don't let all this social-distancing stop you from hugging (in a box)!

    I was inspired by your 9th wedding anniversary sculpture. I find myself in a similar position searching for the perfect gift to express my love for my wife and how important she is to our family, to celebrate our anniversary. - Mike

    I don't often give peeks inside my sculpture studio, mostly because I forget to have the camera handy when I'm doing something interesting with my artwork. But I remembered to grab some photos when I was creating my abstract Solitude thinking figure

    We can't wander the aisles of the bookstore or the library anymore, and online book lists feel kind of overwhelming. I find myself wasting my reading time in perusing lists or "you may also like" to decide... what to read. 

    I was chatting with my friend Emily from The Favor Stylist about just this conundrum. She reeled off several superb ways to narrow down all the choices and spend more time, you know, reading. I was inspired to throw in a couple of ideas of my own, too.

    Thank you to everyone who told the story of their COVID hero. 

    Your heroes inspire us to give more, love more, and look for more ways to bring light and joy to the world. To you and your heroes,

    Thank you for inspiring us all. The world is more beautiful because you're in it.

    Meet our heroes below, and let them bring a smile of joy to your day.

    So many people are giving their all these days, I want to say "thank you" with what I do best: hug sculpture. Tell me about your COVID hero, and 8 heroes will receive a complimentary tiny hug sculpture to let them know how appreciated they are.

    With its seat firmly inside our heads, creative practice offers a rich pathway to tap into our seat of inspiration and inner peace. But where to start, and more importantly, how to keep going? I turn to books. Here are 6 of my favorite artistic books to begin and sustain a creative practice every day.

    Maybe our extravert loved ones - and we do really love you, especially when you respect our space and quiet - would find our, ah, expertise useful right about now?