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Bought this for myself after losing my sweet Darkness to put by my bed where she used to sleep. It is a wonderful little sculpture. Thank you.


I recently lost the "cat of my heart" at 15-1/2 years. The "Furry Book Club" depicts what Missy and I did every afternoon. It was amazing to me to see our activity cast in stone. It will be a comfort to me when I gaze of it and remember our time together.


All I have to say is that the photos, as eloquent as they are, don't do justice to this sculpture. 


Absolutely perfect! Thank you so much. I love it. ūüėÉ


Delightful mini-sculpture, a holiday gift for a lover of cats. I'm happy.


Exceptional quality! This item will cherished for a very long time! Thank you


Such a cool small sculpture. Shipped quick. I love it.


Lovely. Brings me joy when I look at it. Arrived very promptly and beautifully packaged. Highly recommend. Thank you!


This was the perfect gift. It arrived right on time and was packaged beautifully. The recipient loved it!


Inspiration, Secrets, and Slight Tangents

Why I fear losing the creative

Why I fear losing the creative

I was listening to an interview one day with the deeply talented Emily McDowell. She discussed the stellar success of her witty greeting cards and the challenges that went with growing her company. Then she explained why she was backing away.
In the Making: Private-Edition Sisyphus

In the Making: Private-Edition Sisyphus

hello. I saw some of your pieces at one of the shops in downtown [Los Angeles]. You do great work. are you open to making a custom sculpture? I'm interested in having a few copies of a piece of Sisyphus...

The difference in art with heart

The difference in art with heart

When I was a kid, I occasionally coerced invited my mom and sisters to do creative projects with me. One such project was to paint flower pots...

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