One-of-a-Kind sculpture to hold your highest intentions

    I believe in your highest intentions. When you bring one of my cast-stone figure sculptures into your life, you invest it with your wishes to live gratefully, graciously, and with intention. You call out to what's best in you, in the best of all possible worlds.

    When you look at my artwork, what do you see? A singular union of drenched hues and lush curves captivates your eye and invites you to linger in a moment of grace and peace. The silken surface tantalizes your fingertips, whether you cradle its form in your hands or trace its silhouette on the shelf.

    With each glance, your spirit recalls the cherished breaths of a love-filled life.You return the world, renewed. With every touch, you remember your intentions for giving love and beauty to the world. And remembering, you see your own beauty reflected back at you.

    The world is more beautiful because of you. Hold onto your intentions.

    Keep being the beauty.